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Founding of David Bruce Winery
The winery was founded in the remote Santa Cruz Mountains in the early 1960s and was one of the first of a new generation of wineries that would lead a modern resurgence of premium winemaking in the region. Founding the winery was a young dermatologist named David Bruce. Although raised in a teetotaler family, David discovered wine while a medical student through his interest in food and cooking. After completing his medical residency, he purchased 40 acres of land above the fogline in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He cleared the land himself and planted the vineyard by hand. At the time there were only one or two other working wineries in the region. During the first 25 years of the winery, David divided his time, maintaining a fulltime dermatology practice in Los Gatos and running the winery, until his retirement from his medical practice in 1985.