2000 Central Coast - 2000 Paso Robles-Shandon Hills - 2000 Paso Robles-Shell Creek Vineyard

2000 Paso Robles-Shell Creek Vineyard

We have made more petite syrah from this vineyard over the last two decades than any other,and continue to marvel at the consistency and quality it displays. With a signature of blueberries in the nose,and hints of spices and mint beneath, the wine manages to be both powerful and refined. We limit the extraction of tannin to keep the palate soft and approachable making it quite pleasant in its youth.The wide array of flavors match with foods that might overwhelm a simpler wine,but expect it to surprise you with versatility and pair with lighter meals just as well as hearty ones.The supple texture and balance in the wine should allow aging for up to five years.We also think it drinks extremely well now.

Wine Facts:
 Case Production: 907
 Type of oak: Neutral
 Time in oak: 13 Months
 pH: 3.74
 Alcohol: 13.5%